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Local Morocco Tours - Best Tours from Marrakech- Personalised Sahara Tours across Morocco

Local Morocco Tours - Best Tours from Marrakech- Personalised Sahara Tours across Morocco : Local Morocco Tours offers private tours across Morocco, Hiking in Morocco, Sahara Desert Tours, Best Camel Trekking and Marrakech Tour Packages.
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Morocco : The excellent destination for travellers in 2019
TOP REASONS: WHY TRAVELLERS LIKE TO VISIT MOROCCO Explore the best tourist attractions in Morocco and experience the true flavor of the destination. Morocco is one of the most attractive tourist destinations that are explored by a substantial amount of travel enthusiasts throughout the year. The North African nations surround the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea due to which it possesses the most magnificent scenic views, shores and coastal borders of all times. The place is famous for many other aspects that have been a significant reason for drawing the attention of tourists across the nation and beyond. It is known for its exclusive ceramics, leather goods, jewelry and many more. The Sahara Desert Needless to mention that the Sahara desert is one of the most significant attractions for tourists across the world.  It is a name that people have often come across in the subject geography and is the largest desert in the entire world People often visits it to che


LOCAL MOROCCO TOURS: THE BEST ADVENTURES TOUR PROVIDER IN MOROCCO From the Sahara Desert to the Hassan2, Morocco is overall a beautiful place to pay a visit. But without a reliable tour guide, you might not cherish the experience. Hence, welcome here. From capturing the desert beauty of Sahara to exploring some surrealistic Hassan2 experience, Morocco is overall a lovely place to pay a visit. Things get more evident when you consider visiting the Majorelle Garden which combines exotic plants and oriental colors. The quietness is what makes the garden rich in culture, lifestyle, as well as handicrafts. And not to forget, there are Riads, the traditional Moroccan houses which now are turned into small hotels. But if you think, these are the reasons for visiting the Moroccan land, you are undoubtedly wrong. Paying a visit to the place also means walking in the medina and undergoing the treasure hunting experience. But if you are unfamiliar with the place, you might just need some

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trekking in morocco  in    the High Atlas mountains  jbel saghro This volcanic mountain region does not experience true winter snows like the High Atlas making it perfect for winter hiking. The Saghro is situated between the High Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert and makes a nice link to also camel trek overnight and explore the Erg Chebbi dunes near Merzouga. You’ll completely traverse the Saghro Massif walking. High uplands and volcanic monoliths resemble the U.S. southwest with soaring mesas, sparse vegetated plateaus, hidden springs and canyon oasis where you can freely ramble. You’ll meet and have tea with Ait Atta nomads living in this harsh and remote landscape. Jackal, fox, wolf, toads, frogs, wild sheep, gazelle, vulture, Buzzard and the rare Bonelli-eagle survive here. Trees include date palms, acacia, tamarisk and oleander. Itinerary Day 1 Transfer from Marrakech to Nekob in the Saghromountains, a journey of 300 kms including the Tichka Pass and the town of Oua

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ATLAS TREKKING-10 DAYS FROM MARRAKECH TREK MOUNT & MGOUN GORGES The M’Goun is located in the central part of the High Atlas . From an administrative point of view, it belongs to the province of Ouarzazate .The Assif Mgoun, a tributary of the Dades, rises at the foot of the mountains and waters the rural town of Ighil not Oumgoun up Kalaat M’gouna where it flows into the assif Dades . The summit Mgoun consists of a long ridge that approach or exceed the 4000 meters over a distance of ten kilometers. In fact this is a ridge anticline . The rock to the surface, is a limestone disk. Its northern side has been sculpted by glaciers during the ice ages of theQuaternary so that today there are fourteen valleys aligned perpendicular to the ridge.